Concourse is a unique Unified Communications Suite for collaborating in the enterprise. Now companies and organizations can create and deliver messages in an enterprise or peer-to-peer environment, based on known attributes of both the sender and the receiver. Through its unique "marble and drawer" user interface, it is the only Unified Communications suite of tools that apply visual metaphors to textual data, decreasing the time it takes users to learn and react to a situation. At the heart of the system lies an enterprise instant messaging application, specifically designed to serve the support need of enterprises. With Concourse, the course of action is real-time, intuitive and creates collaborative communities, making employees more efficient and work more enjoyable. The benefits are:

Collaborate efficiently: With Concourse your enterprise can facilitate real time business communication, which will accelerate effective decision making and action taking.

Secure Communications: Ensures security of confidential information, promoting trust with your partners and clients.

Easy to manage: Simplifies the complexity, and provide a robust, flexible system that is simple to install, easy to use, and nearly maintenance free eliminating the need for unnecessary investment in such things as infrastructure and reducing the burden on IT support services.

Proven Compliance: Through Concourse's centralized logging and reporting, enterprise can maintain regulatory compliance, for example, by having available IM chat logs required as part of a legal discovery.

Welcome to the all new Virtual Trade Show from Elite Software Solutionss. Virtual Trade Show is an Elite's own product offering its customers to enhance their ability in conducting rich media webinars and interactive meetings online. People across the globe can get connected round the clock online without the pain of travelling distant places. Getting connected and knowing about any product released in the market is now easy with Virtual Trade Show. Users can register themselves with Virtual Trade Show and can view all the Events which are hosted by it anywhere they are, anytime they want.

What VTS has to offer?

Virtual Trade Show is a window for all your needs, like from Exhibit hall to conference room and from resource documents to Network Lounge all come in a package with the all new Virtual Trade Show.

There are additional features like different types of chats, mail exchanges, Business Card exchange, audio and video chats, Links to SNW sites etc.

How it could be beneficial to me?

Virtual Trade Show is a one stop solution to all the problems which the customer face while conducting a trade show wherein people has to travel from distant places ? Release a new product into the market? Want your product reach and get familiar to the customers across the globe? But don't have a source to do all these stuffs online.

Yes, Virtual Trade Show can do all the stuffs you need, right from conducting online trade shows to releasing a product into the market. Conducting conference to exhibit hall. Everything is possible with Virtual Trade Show.

How it Works?

Virtual Trade Show is completely configurable and manageable in both the ways like we can change the functionalities of the product to suite your requirement right from its working style to skins & themes, the other way of its flexibility is that everything can be configured at the admin side of it.

Development platform

The administrator side is all done in PHP and MySql is the database and the client side is done in flex.