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We have strong experince in design and developing Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products and solutions for the smart connected world. From smart home appliances to robotics, our IoT app development services know no bounds.

  • Routers

  • 1. Design and development of WiFi Repeater solution

    2. Client Isolation

    3. Bring-up WiFi and other Networking features

    4. LUCI (LUA) Development

    5. Integration of networking features like OpenVPN and StrongSwan

    6. Fixing Customer reported defects

    7. Design and development of Guest WiFi solution

    8. Parental Control Solution

    9. P2P from Mobile app with libpjsua
  • WiFi Speakers

  • 1. Design and development of a synchronization algorithm between Speakers and Transmitter

    2. Automatic Channel Switching

    3. Mesh Network of WiFi speakers

    4. Optimizations to WiFi Driver from QoS perspective

    5. Algorithm to detect the dead WiFi nodes
  • Home Security Product

  • 1. Bring-up the board with OpenWRT

    2. Port multiple packages onto the board

    3. Develop all Network related features including IPSec

  • WiFi System

  • 1. QCA 's Dakota reference board bring-up

    2. Bring-up of BLE, GPIO, FAN and PWM LEDs.

    3. Wireless Mesh Network Bring-up

    4. QCA's WiFi SON bring-up

    5. Configuration push module

    6. Self-healing and Self-forming of Mesh Network

    7. Develop a Port-Scan Module

    8. Bring-up Secure Boot on QCA Dakota / Akronite Boards
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